What to pack for a Wilderness trip

The basic rule for packing in such kind of adventure trips is; pack light. Yes that’s right. You do not want to trek the treacherous path carrying a heavy load which will not only tire you easily but also make the progress of your trip quite slow due to your sluggish speed. So if you are looking for some guidelines regarding what really to pack in your bags then this article will prove to be quite useful.


Make sure you pack a thermal, waterproofs, worn boots, a jacket with thermal insulation, pair of wash and wear pants, socks, trousers, underwear and a couple of shirts so that you have dry and fresh clothes in case you get soaked or the clothes get dirty.  Also keep a small travel towel in your carry bag. Also keep extra warm layers in case it gets chilly in the night.


Another important component of your travel bag is food. When you are travelling on a wilderness area, it is important that the food that you carry with you is composed of small proportions, is highly energetic and most importantly is not bulky. We advise you to pack dehydrated food of your choice as there are many options available in the super markets. Small size portions are extremely handy for random cravings during the hike. Keep a pack of nuts in your pockets. Energy bars have also proved to be an excellent companion at times of low energy levels during the trip. Not only they taste good but are very healthy too. Also carry a good quality water bottle with you and always make sure that it remains filled during the trip (you can stop by and fill water from nearby fresh streams).


A tent, camera, a diary and pen, walking stick, a map and compass and a walky-talky (to communicate with fellow hikers as mobile signals are usually not available in such areas) are absolute essentials to pack in your bag.