What to look for in Wilderness Centre Iceland

Wilderness centre has a lot to offer their guests apart from a ruggedly wholesome, close-to-nature experience. The place is well-known for its hiking tours, horse riding, trekking and the various events that can be designed according to the requirements of the guests. Let’s have a closer look to all the activities which together make a unique and exciting journey which leaves all those who visit the Centre, rejuvenated and inspired beyond measure.


The tours provided by the hosts at Wilderness centre are something unforgettable. Apart from offering a perfect trail experience with a beautiful and serene backdrop of sunlight, snowy mountains and a cool breeze, the tour also makes you feel like you are travelling back in time when horses were rode on the same trails by the people of the 19th century. Moreover the experience is made more holistic by the unique and historic stories imparted by our tour guides who make sure that you do not miss a thing. The guests can catch their own fish from the clear ponds that come in our way or they can even pick fresh fruits to enjoy with their meals.


Wilderness Centre offers the best horse trekking package tours for all its guests. Our herd comprises of the most well-bred horses found in Iceland which are trained to maximize our rider’s security and enjoyment. Wilderness Centre employees the most passionate horse riders that will make your riding experience that you will always remember.


The Wilderness Centre is known to be the doorway to the largest wilderness area of the North-Europe connected by numerous trails and tracks. Guests get to enjoy the company of reindeers to whom the highland is the homeland. Moreover the picturesque waterfalls on the way are something that every guest looks forward to.