About the Wilderness Center

The Wilderness Center is an authentic and peaceful hideaway, located right by the edge of Northern Europe’s biggest wilderness. At the Wilderness Center our guests experience the spirit of the past through a variety of services: unique accommodation, local food, exhibitions, horse riding and hiking, day tours, escorted tours and tailor-made tours.

As soon as visitors park their cars and cross the old wooden bridge at the Wilderness Center, they step into an adventure into the past. Every detail at the premises is designed to make the visitor feel as if they are taking part in this adventure. The buildings, interior decorations, food, activities and hosts all play a vital role in this experience. The accommodation is in delightfully renovated and preserved old buildings – which may make visitors feel they are “sleeping in a museum”. We make all our food in the old kitchen in front of our guests and the emphasis is on local ingredients – just like grandma’s. We also love sharing our passion for the Icelandic horse with our guests. Whether riding or hiking, we take our guests along the glacial river Jökulsá in Fljótsdalur which boasts 15 magnificent waterfalls – no other river in Iceland has as many waterfalls – and at one spot people get the chance to winch themselves across the Jökulsá river by a traditional cableway and explore an abandoned farmhouse on the other side. All our tours include a touch of storytelling in the tradition of the Icelandic sagas!

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