Shepherds Trail

Duration: 3–4 hours
Distance: 4 km
Operated: 15 May – 31 October
Departures: Every weekday and upon request

Departing from: The Wilderness Center

Group size: 4–16  
Minimum age: 
8 years
Language: gb[1]

8,500 ISK

For guaranteed departure we need a minimum of 4 persons or minimum rate

OVERVIEW Walking the slopes behind the Wilderness Center along marked path. Apart from the beautiful view of the Norðurdalur valley, interesting sights en route include an old shepherd’s shelter, a hay wire (for transporting hay from the top of the hill down to the farm) and an old packhorse trail.

Suggested gear

  • Rain jacket or soft shell jacket
  • Rain pants or soft shell pants
  • Warm sweater or fleece jacket
  • Gloves
  • Wollen cap
  • Shoes suited to terrain
  • Water bottle (but you can also take a sip from some of the natural springs on the way)
  • Snack (you can also get provisions at the Wilderness Center)
  • Camera

We provide

  • Fully guided tour


  • Packed lunch and refreshments
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