Capturing The Wild – Iceland Photo Safari

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Operated: 8 –12 January ’22 & 22–26 January ’22 and upon request
Pick up: Egilsstaðir Airport or your hotel or guesthouse in Egilsstaðir around 8:30 am (first morning flight)
Drop off: We return our guests to Egilsstaðir Airport in the evening of day 5
Departing from: The Wilderness Center
Group size: 1–10
Minimum age: 16 years
Language: gb[1]
Price: 199,800 ISK

Guaranteed departure 

Designed specifically for photography enthusiasts, this tour takes you through some of Iceland‘s vast unspoiled wilderness. Here reindeer and other wild animals roam freely in a spectacular and ever-changing landscape. Each day has its own specific theme and objective – but special arrangements will be made if some unexpected situation comes up – a visit from wild animals, or light or weather changes. Accommodation is in the Wilderness Center, a renovated farm in a quiet valley where living conditions from a bygone age have been tastefully recreated. The Center’s hosts, conjure up the best in home cooking, made from ingredients from the farm or from the surrounding wilderness. Your tour guide Denni Karlsson is a professional film maker and photographer. Denni is a graduate from the American Film Institute (AFI) in LA and during his professional career he has worked for such major corporate clients as Toyota, Audi and American Express. He has also collaborated with internationally known musicians and bands and produced several independent creative projects such as the photography book Elves in Iceland. Denni’s extensive knowledge of the eastern highlands makes him the perfect guide to finding and photographing the area’s hidden natural gems.

Suggested gear

  • With ever-changing weather conditions, there are some challenges to consider regarding your photography equipment. Bring spare batteries and recharge them every night. Some find rain covers very useful as often photography in Iceland will involve water in some form. A good strong tripod is also a good idea as it can be windy at times! The main preparation for photographing and travelling in Iceland is the right clothing.
  • The best clothes in Iceland are a layered clothing system. Warm t-shirts made of wool, or synthetics. Fleece or wool sweaters, combined with a light down jacket and a windbreaker work very well. Long johns, fleece pants and windproof pants. Sturdy hiking boots with good tread and plenty of good socks made of wool or synthetics. A good hat that covers the ears and gloves are a good idea.

We provide 

  • Fully guided photo tour with Denni Karlsson – film maker and photographer
  • Authentic accommodation for 4 nights at the Wilderness Center
  • Full board from lunch on day 1 to afternoon refreshments on day 5, with local food
  • Pick up (morning flight) and drop off (evening) at Egilsstadir Airport


  • Extra night before the tour at the Wilderness Center
  • Get in touch to book an extra night through [email protected] or call us on tel. +354 440 8822


Eyjabakkar is Iceland’s second-largest wetland area. Despite its high altitude it is extensively vegetated. It is also one of the largest nesting places in the world for the pink-footed goose (Anser brachyrhynchus). Towering majestically over the area is Mount Snæfell, Iceland’s highest free-standing mountain. To the south is Eyjabakkajökull glacier, which can be seen from afar. It is not uncommon to come across reindeer and arctic foxes in the area.



Reindeer were brought to Iceland from Norway in the late 18th century. Now found only in the east, they roam the highlands north and northeast of the Vatnajökull glacier. These hardy creatures are popular with photographers and their pastures are often in spectacular landscapes.



Today you hike along the banks of the Jökulsá river with its beautiful waterfalls. The surroundings are nothing less than spectacular and a native birch woodland, Kleifarskogur, offers some beautiful photographic themes. The day ends with us soaking away our cares in the natural hot springs at Laugarfell.


DAY4_skipta út síðar_Wilderness_surrounding_snaefellDAY 4: REMNANTS OF A BYGONE AGE

We visit farmers still doing things the traditional way and housing livestock in old turf buildings in the scenic environment around Lake Lagarfljót. Some stops will be made at abandoned farms and stone cairns and you´ll get to hear some interesting tales about them. Many of the motifs hereabouts are slowly disappearing due to the harsh weather conditions; and yet it´s as if these remnants of a bygone age are stubbornly struggling to stay above ground and tell their stories.



Along the coastline close to the farm of Húsey, over thirty bird species breed in breathtaking surroundings. As might be expected, the area is a favorite with bird watchers. Seals lazily bask on the beach and reindeer can often be spotted. The photographer´s finger will be itching when taking in Héraðsflói bay, the sheer vastness and the circle of mountains in the distance. Guests are dropped off at Egilsstaðir Airport on the evening of day 5.


*We reserve the right to make adjustments to the itinerary taking account o weather conditions at the time