Experience a visually stunning exhibition where you can walk into the adventures of the Icelandic wilderness and be touched by the dramatic struggle between the forces of nature and the Icelander´s fight to survive.

A fascinating exhibition showcasing Icelandic wilderness history, nature and the life of the original inhabitants of the farm.

Step into the past

Visiting the Wilderness Center is an adventure. As soon as guests park their cars and cross the old wooden bridge at the Wilderness Center, they step into the past. Every detail at the premises has been remade in the original style to make the visitor feel as if taking part in an adventure of the past. The buildings, interior decorations, food, activities and hosts all play a vital role in this experience. The accommodation offered is integrated into the museum, and thus our guests spend both night and day in the “Wilderness World.”


  • Opening dates – 15 May – 30 September and upon request (for groups) 
  • Open daily 11 am – 6 pm
  • Full tour: 2,800 ISK
  • Children 13 years +, students, seniors and disabled: 2,240 ISK
  • Children 6-12 years when traveling with adults: 950 ISK 
  • 30 minute walk through exhibition with audio guide: 2,000 ISK

“This brilliant new attraction defies easy classification. It’s a remote farm that offers museum exhibits,unique accommodation, local food, horse riding and hiking trails,and the opportunity for tailor-made tours. The historic exhibits here were designed by the farm’s owners (a film director and a historian) so are of superb quality– as is the entire farm concept.”

Lonely Planet Guide

Lonely Planet

“Don’t leave without a visit to the actual museum that occupies the ground floor. The beautiful, creative displays are part museum and part art installation, taking visitors through the history and lore of the area as well as exploring what life was like for the farmers who used to live on the property. It is unquestionably worth your time,”

Virginia Van Zanten