Photo hunt – Catching The Wild

Time: Five day Tour
Dates: 18-22 july & 8-12 august
Departing from: The Wilderness Center / Óbyggðasetur Íslands
Pick up at: Egilsstaðir Airport (morning flight)
Group size: 4 – 16

Price:  195.000.- isk.


The Tour

The tour is designed for photography enthusiast and covers unique nature and vast wilderness where reindeer and other wild dwellers of the wild reside. Each day has a specific theme in objects. Still special arrangements will be made if unexpected situation comes up, a visit from wild animals, or light or weather changes. Accommodation will be at the Wilderness Center, either in the renovated, old farmhouse or in the old,  communal sitting room. Both are a unique experience. We endeavour to offer home made food, made from local ingredience from the farm or the wilderness.


Target: Wilderness, wetlands, highland geese, wildlife, Mt. Snæfell.

Eyjabakkar are overgrown wetlands in the heaths from above the valley Fljótsdalur. There lies the biggest summer dwelling of highland geese in the world and the undergrowth is spectacular, considering it’s hight over sea level. Snæfell, Iclean’s highers mountain outside of glaciers, towers over the area and in the south the jökull Eyjabakkajökull can be seen from a far. In this area running into reindeer and foxes is quite likely.


Target: Wild reindeer

Reindeer were transported to Iceland in the years 1771–87 from Finmark in Norway. They now reside in the highlands north and northeast of the glacier Vatnajökull. These beautiful animals are a popular object for photography and their dwellings are generally most photogenic.


Target: The magnificent waterfalls and canions in the river Jökulsá in Fljótsdalur.

A hike inwards alongside Jökulsá in Fjótsdaslur and it’s unique waterfalls photographed. Their surroundings are quite spectacular and a naturally grown birch woodland, Kleifarskógur, also has some beautiful motifs to offer. The day ends with a dip in the natural hot springs in Laugarfell.


Target: Traces from an old farmhouses from turf

We visit farmers that still practice old ways of farming and use old turf houses in a scenic environment around the lake of Lagarfljót. Some stops will also be made at abandoned farms and cairns that have interesting stories to tell. Many of the motifs are disappearing due to the aggressive weathers of winter time. Still they struggle to stay above ground.

Day 5. Hallormsstaður hill and woods. (A flight out in the evening.)

Target: Diverse bird settlement, seals, black sand beach, wide open space.

At the coastline by Húsey there is a uniquely varied bird settlement and gorgeous surroundings, but the area is very popular among bird watchers. Seals sprawl on the beach and reindeer can be seen quite frequently. By the bay Héraðsflói the huge vastness and the circle of mountains in the distance tickles photographers fingers.