Five Hikes
Departures: On request
Time: 5 days

Departing from: The Wilderness Center
Pick up at: Egilsstaðir Airport
Group size: 4 – 16
Difficulty: kallkallkallkall2kall2

Price:  170.000.-

Day 1. Hengifoss (morning) and Tröllkonustígur/Bessastaðaárgljúfur (afternoon)

The waterfall Hengifoss is one of East Iceland’s main attractions but its surroundings, and the columnar basalt waterfall Litlanesfoss below it, are exquisite.

After this pleasant morning walk we offer lunch at Skriðuklaustur. In the afternoon the hike goes on through the canyon Bessastaðaárgljúfur but interesting traces can be found there and  its rock formations have an interesting tale to tell. Tröllkonustígur (Gigantess Path) is a very special dyke that goes diagonally up the whole mountain, Valþjófsstaðafjall, crosses all the escarpments and forms a natural walking path up the mountain. From there the view over the river Lagarfljót, the valley of Fljótsdalur and the woodland Hallormsstaðaskógur is phenomenal.

Day 2. Round up walk and the exhibitions at the Wilderness center.

In the round up walk we edge up an old horse road that lies in the mountain above the Wilderness Center. Along it there is an old wire that stretches down the mountain (300 meters long) where hay from the far away pastures was ran down the whole mountain until it came to a stop by the farm, close to the river. On this hike we also see the remnants of a barn and come upon a round up shelter, rock built, that still stands.

After a tasty lunch the guests are guided through indoor and outdoor exhibitions at the Wilderness Centre. Guests experience and learn in an interactive and vibrant way about the adventures in the wilderness in ages past and the people’s relentless battle against the forces of nature.

Day 3. Waterfall walk

Hikers walk inland towards a deserted farm, Kleif, where they can check out the old homestead and hear some hilarious stories of  its former occupant. Hikers can also try ferrying themselves across the renovated cable spanning the river. The hike continues along the west bank of the river, along a series of waterfalls and through self grown birch forest, “Kleifarskógur.” Lunch is served in a lovely grove in the woodlands.

On we walk, along the beautiful waterfalls and the canyonJökulsárgljúfur until Faxi waterfall creates  the highlight of the day before hikers arrive at the mountain hotel Laugarfell. There warm natural springs await the walk-weary hikers while the tallest mountain in Iceland outside glaciers, Snæfell, stands watch.

Day 4. Eyjabakkar

Eyjabakkar is the biggest breeding area of mountain geese in the world. These wetlands are beautiful and rich with undergrowth and heavenly tranquility prevails. In the south hikers can see the glacier Eyjabakkajökull and in the west the highest mountain outside of glaciers, Snæfell, towers. After a good walk we finish with a dip in the warm springs at Laugarfell.

Day 5. Hallormsstaður hill and woods. (A flight out in the evening.)

A very good hiking track leads from Hallormsstaður, through the woods and up on the Hallormsstaður Hill where hikers can see a spectacular view through the valleys, up to the glaciers and along the river Lagarfljót. This is an easy and very beautiful walkpath through the biggest woodland in the country. The final stop will be in Atlavík were walkers get kettle coffee and stories of the monster in the river, the Wyrm of Lagarfljót.

A variety of medium level day hikes. Hikers get informed on the history of life at the periphery of populated areas and in the wilderness on the way. Also on some basic facts on geology and natural history of the areas. Like on other trips organized by the Wilderness Center we offer good food from local ingredients in the periphery. Accommodation in the traditional style common room of the Wilderness Center is a fun experience and the refectory in the old farm house is homey and beautiful.

  • Pick up
  • Drop off

We supply:

  • A tour guide
  • Authentic accommodation
  • Local food
  • Transport
  • Level of difficulty: The trail includes tracks and sheep trails, unbridged creeks and small rivers.