Days of Darkness

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Operated:  30 October – 3 November, 6-10 November and upon request
Pick up: Egilsstaðir Airport or your hotel or guesthouse in Egilsstaðir about 8:30 am (first morning flight)
Drop off: Akureyri Airport at around 6 pm on day 5
Departing from: Egilsstaðir
Group size: 2–16
Minimum age: 12 years
Language: gb[1]
Price: 225.600 ISK

For guaranteed departure we need a minimum of 2 persons

This tour offers authentic experience where history and nature meet. Enjoy hot springs, adventurous interactive exhibitions, sleep in a museum, have a taste of local delicacies and explore the wilderness with experienced guides.

DAY 1: HENGIFOSS, SKRIÐUKLAUSTUR, LAKE MONSTER, WILDERNESS CENTER, EXHIBITIONS. In the morning we walk up to the Hengifoss waterfall, the biggest attraction in  East Iceland. For lunch we have the famous lunch buffet and enjoy the exhibition at at Skriðuklaustur, manorhouse built by writer Gunnar Gunnarsson. Outside, the site of a 15th century monastery has been discovered with important insights into Icelandic history. Next we go in search of the world famous river monster of Lagarfljót. Over a pot of coffee down by the lake, we hear stories of the monster. Then we travel towards the innermost farm, the Wilderness Center. There we will get an insight into the wilderness through exhibitions both indoors and outdoors about adventures of the wilderness. After dinner, we will hear stories in the common room loft. Tranquility prevails at this authentic and one of a kind accommodation.

DAY 2: TURF STABLES, FLJÓTSDALSHEIÐI, LAUGARFELL, HOT SPRINGS.  After breakfast we visit a farmer that keeps all his sheep in traditional turf-and-stone buildings. The atmosphere in the sheepsheds is unique. Next we travel up to the Fljótsdalsheiði moors, where we drive around the vast heath staking out for reindeer. Then we have lunch in the highlands and let the weather and state of the roads decide whether we drive to Hafrahvammaglúfur canyons or enjoy the beauty of Eyjabakkar and Sanddalur valley. That night we stay in the Laugarfell highland hostel with natural hot springs and hear stories from adventures of the wilderness.

DAY 3: WATERFALL WALK, VALÞJÓFSSTAÐUR, EYVINDUR THE OUTLAW, A WALK IN THE DARK, ABANDONED FARM, CABLE-FERRY. The day starts with short hike where magnificent waterfalls can be seen. After lunch we watch old silent film about the famous outlaw; Eyvindur of the Mountains, in the local church at Valþjófsstaður After the movie we return to the Wilderness Center. There we warm up with hot chocolate and pancakes before we head out for a dusk walk towards the abandoned farm of Kleif. At Kleif we hear hilarious stories of former occupants. Those that want to can try their hand at crossing the 50-meter-wide river in a renovated cable ferry. Local food is served at the Wilderness Center with ingredients from the farm.

DAY 4: NATIONAL PARK CENTER, FOOD TASTING, WILDERNESS GAMES, FEAST AND EVENING ENTERTAINMENT. After breakfast we see a fun and educational exhibition about the Vatnajökull National Park – the largest in Western Europe. On the way we stop at old turf smokehouse and have a taste of the local delicacy, smoked lamb. Next guests try their skills at all sorts of Wilderness games begin. In the evening there is a veritable wilderness feast. Locals and guests cook together many dishes from local ingredients and learn about Icelandic food tradition. The feast is followed by an evening of entertainment with singing and playing.

DAY 5: MÖÐRUDALUR, MÝVATN, NATURE BATHS, GOÐAFOSS, AKUREYRI. On the last day we go back into the highlands to Möðrudalur and enjoy its beauty and the view to Mt. Herðubreið and hear tales of the hilarious artist Stórval. After lunch at Möðrudalur we stop by an old mountain hut near river; Jökulsá á Fjöllum, where we hear stories of Mountain-Bensi who wondered into the wild in all weathers looking for stray sheep. He is the protagonist of a classic Icelandic novella, Advent by Gunnar Gunnarsson. Next we experience the geothermal area by Lake Mývatn and have a dip in the Nature Baths, with stunning views. Finally we make a stop at waterfall Goðafoss. Guests are dropped off at Akureyri Airport around 6 pm.

* This itinerary is subject to change due to weather conditions.

We provide

  • Fully guided tour
  • Drive to and from airport
  • All transport on the tour
  • Accommodation
  • Local food
  • Admission to exhibitions and pools



  • Accommodation can be upgraded
  • Get in touch to upgrade or call us on tel. +354 440 8822

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