Countryside riding adventure
with extra authentic activities

Duration: 6 riding days / 6 nights
Operated: Upon request
Pick up: Egilsstaðir
Drop off: We return our guests to Egilsstaðir in the morning of day 7
Departing from: The Wilderness Center 
Group size: 2–8
Minimum age: 10 years 
Language: gb[1]

Price: 267,500 ISK

For guaranteed departure we need a minimum of 2 persons



The authentic Wilderness Center is the base for this tour with variety of riding paths in the beautiful
and peaceful Fljótsdalur valley area.
The area is rich of nature and history, as well as being known as “old Iceland”, with small family run
farms, historic places, museums, hiking paths, forests, canyons and rivers.
Wild reindeers roam in the area, and you will get a taste of local food made from ingredients from
the valley, cooked in front of the guests and served in a homestyle kitchen.
The accommodation is a “sleep in a museum” concept with beautiful
Your hosts have bin passionate riders from childhood and bin guiding riding tours for many years.
The friendly horses fit both less experienced as well as experienced riders.

Day 1 (10 KM)

Your host will welcome you on the official starting place of the tour, Egilsstaðir domestic Airport from the morning flight from Reykjavik.

From there we drive scenic route along lake Lagarfljót, to the Wilderness Center with a short break at the Vatnajökull National Park exhibition. After lunch, we take a pleasant ride destined for the abandoned farm of Kleif where we will take time to absorb the beautiful surroundings and have a look into the old farmhouse. Those who dare can try their hand at winching themselves across the Jökulsá river by a traditional cableway.

Every night after dinner guests can soak in the hot-spring or relax in the old style sauna.


Day 2 (22 KM)

After local breakfast we ride out of Norðurdalur, passing many small farms. One of them is the last farm in Iceland that still uses turf houses as sheep stables. Then we head into the beautiful Suðurdalur valley until we reach our destination, farm Flöt at the bottom of the valley.

After the ride, we experience the adventures of the Wilderness through visual and award-winning exhibition about the history of life in the Wilderness. After dinner, we play some games and sing a few songs.


Day 3 (26 KM)

From Suðurdalur valley we head up to the heath east of the valley and get a feel for the highlands.

Then turn north down Gilsárdalur, with impressive canyons. We leave the horses in the forest at Buðlungavellir. and head back by car to the Hengifoss waterfall trail.

Hengifoss is one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland, measuring 128 m falling from the plateau into a magnificent gorge. There is a colorful rock face surrounding the waterfall showing different layers from volcanic eruptions in the Tertiary period when Iceland was formed. It takes 40-60 minutes to walk from the parking lot to the waterfall. On the way is another astonishing waterfall called Litlanesfoss. It is crowned by exceptional high basalt columns making it totally unique and photogenic. Then drive to the Wilderness Center for dinner and having a relaxing time.

Those who choose can enjoy the old style spa.


Day 4 (23 KM)

From Buðlungavellir we ride through Hallormsstaður forest with pleasant views over lake Lagarfljót. Travelling the fun forest trails until we head over a small heath to Skriðdalur Valley. Ending the ride at the farm Lynghóll in that valley. There we have a farm visit and meat animals like the endangered species, the Icelandic goat.

On the drive back we stop at Skriðuklaustur, a unique place rich with history. We look at the ruins from an old monastery and visit the former home of the author Gunnar Gunnarsson.

We then enjoy good local food and have a relaxed evening at the Center.


Day 5 (24 KM)

From Skriðdalur we head back a different route over the mountains and into the direction of Fljótsdalur. With views over Fljótsdalshérað and all the way to Héraðsflói bay.

The second part of this ride is again through Hallormsstaður forest leaving the horses.


Day 6 (23 KM)

From Hallormstaður forest we head on to the direction of the Wilderness Center. Passing farms and making a lunch break at an old traditional stone sheepfold with a view into Besastaðargil Canyon.

We pass Valþjófstaðarkirkja and ride from there to the Wilderness Center.

This last evening we celebrate the end of a great riding experience with barbeque feast at the center. Singing, playing and enjoying the hot springs.


Day 7

After breakfast, it is time to say goodbye and head to Egilsstaðir Airport where the official tour ends.

Suggested gear

  • Wool socks
  • Warm sweater (e.g. Icelandic wool sweater) or fleece jacket
  • Riding pants
  • Good shoes / hiking shoes
  • Wool undergarments (top and long-johns)
  • Extra outer top (such as a thick jumper or a light down jacket)
  • Gloves
  • Buff headwear
  • Light rainwear (jacket and pants), e.g. Goretex

We provide

  • Fully guided tour
  • Authentic accommodation
  • Riding gear
  • Local food
  • Transport
  • Tickets to activities and museums listed in the itinerary